Title Access Department/Course Used since Faculty Contact

§  Scientific Method (University of Utah) in use in GEOL 106

§  Darwin’s Evolution Game – Interactive  content (Science Channel) for use

§  What did T. rex taste like? (UC Berkeley Museum of Paleo.)  in use in GEOL 106

§  How are dinosaur weights estimated? (Youtube videos, Tom Braziunas, NSCC)  in use in GEOL 106

§  When & where did dinosaurs live? (Natural History Museum of London) in use in GEOL 106

§  The evolution of flight in birds (UC Berkeley Museum of Paleo.) in use in GEOL 106

§  The paleontological field study:  Sue Interactive (Field Museum)   in use in GEOL 106

Dinosaur speed calculation (University of Sheffield)  in use in GEOL 106
Geology 106 ??? Tom Braziunas