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Open Access Resources

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Looking for an online textbook for your students? Need an instructional video, a classroom exercise, or a sample lecture? Want to learn more about the movement for open access, online educational materials?  Here are the sites with the richest educational content and links to places where you can learn more.  To search many sites simultaneously, try the OER Dynamic Search Engine.  


Academic Earth -  "free online video courses from leading universities"


The Assayer  open licensed books searchable by subject


Bepress  Digital commons scholarly publishing


The Commons on Flickr - public photography archives


College Open Textbooks    organized by subject




Creative Commons Resources - a list of  books available under a Creative Commons license.


Curriki  Course materials, mostly K12, offered by educators


http://criticalcommons.org/  video clips, lectures, and articles


Curriki - free curricula and education resources


Discover and Select an Open Textbook or Module A thorough slide set by Angela Secrest of Houston Community College.


http://www.doabooks.org  over 700 copyright free, peer-reviewed book


Flat World Knowledge  Open access textbooks, organized by subject


Global Text Project   open document format for college textbooks


http://www.hippocampus.org/  streaming educational video organized by subject


Khan Academy - problem solving videos, many in math and science




MITOpenCourseWare - full courses produced by MIT faculty


Open Culture - Free cultural & educational media on the web


The Orange Grove  Florida state digital repository for course content




Open Educational Resources


Open Stax  Peer reviewed textbooks


https://openstaxcollege.org/books  --peer reviewed college textbooks


Saylor Foundation  Openly licensed college course content


http://www.scholarpedia.org/  open access encyclopedia, but curated by subject experts


TED Video links to lectures by notable experts in science, global issues, technology, business and design









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