Open Access Resources at Seattle Community Colleges


This wiki is for faculty to learn more about Open Access tools and content, and to share how they are using Open Access tools and content.  Anyone can view the contents.  To add or edit content, please contact the wiki administrator (see below) to be added as a writer.  Please keep contributions on-task and respect the basic structure of the wiki. 


Take a look at the sidebar on the right to learn more about Open Access in general, and to find links to OA content.  View this slideshow for an overview discussion of Open Access, evaluationg OA resources, ways the library already supports learning beyond the textbook and a faculty example of resource based learning.  Consider joining the wider community at College Open Textbooks Community!


Check out this comprehensive guide on Open Educational Resources.


Below, find or add examples of OA being used and developed at the Seattle Community Colleges:



Mapping Tools

Open Courseware







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